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Hi, we're Ali and Glenn, a fun-loving husband and wife team from New York on a mission to bring you the best date nights in the big city. How did it all begin? Our busy lifestyles made it hard to carve out time for date nights, and nearly impossible to find the time to plan a great one. Going to the same neighborhood restaurants or hanging in and watching a movie was fun, but not exactly memorable or exciting. We needed to spice things up and get out of our date night rut. 

One Valentine’s Day Ali made Glenn a deck of handmade date night cards. Each card had a unique date idea for things to do in NYC. This was a great start, but the dates still required planning. That’s when we decided to take it to the next level and create date itineraries that included fun activities, delicious restaurants and hip nightlife spots that all fit together. Date night soon became a passion for us. Pretty soon our friends were asking for date night advice and raving about their good times.  We got to thinking other couples could benefit from all our thorough planning and thus sparked the idea for a date night guide to NYC. 

Then, the hard work (aka the fun) began. We were off sipping cocktails at that cool speakeasy everyone’s been talking about or sharing apps at that quaint Brooklyn restaurant that only a few know about. We were enjoying pairings at wine and cheese tastings or paddling around Manhattan on a kayaking adventure. We were on the prowl to find the most romantic, fun and original things to do in NYC. 

And now, we hope to see you having a ridiculously good time on one of our super fun curated date nights with It’s a Date NYC: The Couple’s Guide to New York City. Come join us and have your own date night adventures!